Frustration is mounting

Frustration is mounting as an increasing number of home buyers search for houses in Massachusetts to no avail. Following a continued search over the previous months and constant placement of one offer after another for houses within the area, home buyers still have no results to show for their efforts. These are some of the factors causing frustration among prospective home owners as the Mass Merrimack Valley real estate inventory dwindles..

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Check that: Medium shelf liquor is tough to come by here; they don’t even have Jack Daniel’s. If the top shelf is going to be that low and we’re talking Gentleman Jack and Cuervo low the drinks had better be stiff and cheap. Occasionally you’ll hear the place mentioned as a hotbed of drugs, drunkenness, and violence.

Then it was on to the paint test where Lombard used a swab that is supposed to turn red if there are detections of lead are found on surfaces. She tried inside a kitchen drawer as well as outside on limestone paint. Lombard is thankful the swabs also showed no concerning signs of lead..

Then it all collapsed. High productivity factory jobs went to China. For a while a booming housing market masked this calamity. I just saw Kellyanne Conway in the White House hawking the products of Ivanka Trump, of which Kellyanne said she is part owner. That has got to violate ethics and conflict of interest laws. Trump violates those same conflict of interest laws, but it will be the emoluments clause of the Constitution that will bring him the most trouble.

“The mayor should have blasted him off that ledge with a fire hose,” he told us, referring to Arrow’s 11 day protest back in 2000 when the hippie perched on the Forest Service building in downtown Portland. After taking a serious swig from his beer, the man added, “God, I laughed so hard when he fell from that 60 foot tree,” referring to an incident when Arrow plummeted from a tree sit in the Tillamook Forest. Best stay away from Estacada, Tre.

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